About the Authors of AVARICVM

John Lanier has taught Latin as a graduate student instructor at the University of Georgia (2006-07) and at the University of California at Berkeley (2007-2016), and as an Instructor at Stanford Online High School (2016-present). 

Elizabeth Cross is a high school senior from Fairfield, Connecticut. In addition to Latin, she has academic interests in neuroscience and psychology, with plans to attend medical school after college. Beyond academics, Elizabeth enjoys art, architecture, design, and fashion, and writes music in her free time.

Katherine Cross is a senior at Stanford Online High School living in Fairfield, Connecticut. Though Latin is currently at the forefront of her academic interests, she is also a drummer, an amateur astronomer, and a shortwave radio enthusiast.

Lian E is a senior from Davis, California, about to go to the East Coast for college, where she will major in philosophy. She also loves english, history, political science, and all sorts of subjects related to Ancient Rome.

Zachary Shepherd Haarz is a high school senior from Tucson, Arizona, with an unbridled love for linguistics and classics. He is looking forward to a degree in astrophysics while maintaining space for Latin and other language studies on the side. He spends his free time hiking through the beautiful ecosystems of Tucson, playing multi-hour board games in hot pursuit of one too complicated for him to follow, and doing math.

Fiona Lee is a junior at Stanford Online High School, hailing from Southern California. Her main academic interests are math, physics, and (of course) Latin, along with a passion for interdisciplinary subjects. Outside of school, she is a competitive tennis player.

Peter Olmeda is a rising senior at Stanford Online High School, residing in Northern California. He lives on a small hobby farm, where, when not doing Latin, he enjoys reading, writing, biking, performing too many science experiments, practicing card magic, and telling bad puns. He hopes to be a doctor someday, and hopes to avoid upsetting his Latin teacher over that.

Clara Grey Peters is a rising senior at Stanford Online High School. She lives on Bainbridge, a little (and very rainy) island outside of Seattle, WA. Outside of school, Grey is a competitive horse rider and enjoys studying Latin, neuroscience, and philosophy. She hopes to combine her interest in linguistics and her interest in neuroscience in her future academic studies.

Marilia Chiu Serôdio is currently a 12th-grade student living in New Jersey. She is  interested in studying linguistics and computer science. Her hobbies include rollerblading and journaling.

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