Isotta Nogarola’s Defense of Eve

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In 1451, Isotta Nogarola took up her pen in defense of Eve. For over a thousand years, writers from Tertullian to Boccaccio had blamed Eve for Original Sin.

Nogarola’s Defense of Eve, which traditionally bears the title Dē Parī aut Imparī Ēvae atque Ādae Peccātō, laid the foundation for an argument that women were not inherently inferior. As Margaret King and Diana Robin write, “The importance of this work and its place among inaugural texts in the history of the European controversy over gender and nature cannot be overstated” (2004: 142).

This edition of Isotta Nogarola’s Defense of Eve aims to enable students of Latin to read the text in its original language. A substantial introduction provides background on the woman, her text, and her times. The Latin text includes a running glossary and grammatical commentary on every page.

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